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They started out as a small, family owned retailer and gradually began to propagate beyond its small town roots to towns across America. Along the way they changed the company’s name and quickly became known for offering low prices on numerous items. Consumers flock to them and they are generally opening more stores annually in america than some other retailer. I’m referring to Wal-Mart, right? No, Dollar General! Let’s take a close look at yet another one of America’s retail testimonials, the dollar general headquarters address.

J.L. Turner was a man toughened by life’s difficulties who founded what was later to become Dollar General with his son, Cal. At age of 11, his father died and young J.L. soon found himself out of school and attempting to support his family. By age 17 he was married and operating a bridle shop with his wife. Later, he opened a country store but had to give that business up when prices dropped in addition to his profits. Soon thereafter he begun to work to get a dry goods wholesaler and, later, he bought and liquated bankrupt general stores through the Great Depression.

By 1939, J.L. and Cal decided to plunk down $5,000 each to start J.L Turner and Sons Wholesale store in Kentucky. In 1955 a new idea was created – the dollar store – and all the shops inside their growing fold soon were converted as well as the Dollar General name was created. The company went public in 1968 and today it operates over 7550 stores in 30 states with more than 700 added in 2004 alone.

So, what kind of items can you locate at Dollar General? A great variety! A store reminds me of some other retailer, now defunct — Woolworth’s — in that they possess a little bit of everything. Do you need greeting cards? Excellent quality cards are offered for the unusual low cost of 2 for $1. Seasonal items such as coolers, plastic benches, folding stools, flags, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, wind chimes, and more are on prominent display. Food items as well as personal maintenance systems are carried, a few of which have the Dollar General name and have a pre-stamped price right on the product. No, they do not have a complete line for any product, just the bestsellers. Still, the variety is good.

Because Dollar General was founded exclusively as dollar general number, a lot of their items remain priced at a dollar or less. Fortunately, for consumers, they are not restricted through the ‘one dollar’ limit and other items of greater value are sold too. Do you need sunflower bird seed? $2 per bag. Would you like DG candy? 4 for $1. On a recent visit I created to my nearby Dollar General I noticed many summer items displayed outside of the store with discount labels of 30% featured. Thus, the $20 molded plastic bench – available in white or hunter green – was now reduced to $14. Although the chain prices their goods competitively, marked down merchandise is easily found and quickly snapped up. So, if you notice a specific thing reduced and also you want to buy, you best snag it right away!

Dollar General clearly states on their site which they serve lower and lower-middle income customers. Thus, certainly one of their strong sellers will be the Dollar General private label found on many products through the store. The standard of these items can differ, however. For instance, I purchased the DG version of a York Peppermint Patty and can emphatically inform you that York has no the fear of DG overtaking them within this category! When it is price you want, then get the DG patty. Should it be taste, consistency, and quality you desire, then obtain the York Peppermint Patty. The store sells both items.

As widespread since the company stores are, you can not locate them in twenty states — yet. All states on the east coast are served except for those in New England. Stores can be found in the upper Midwest so when far west as Wisconsin then zgfoiv to Texas and also over to Arizona. All of the northwest and California, Utah, and Wyoming fall away from their current service area. Still, the company has the capacity to saturate the current market with well over 900 stores in Texas alone.

Many small towns that would perhaps not be served by way of a larger retailer usually have dgcustomerfirst com login present. Thus, the corporation’s dedication to small towns remains vital that you them, something lots of the larger retailers have overlooked as time passes.

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