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Buy Instant Facebook Likes Fast And Easy At Sociotraffic

Yes, well here we go again, another one of these, I have got a listing of over “9,000? Twitter followers so I’m a social media marketing expert marketing forms has hit my desk today. Come along it says, “to my affiliate marketing driven roadshow and in 4 hours I will cause you to the expert, but there’s more, if you sign away your hard earned cash today, we have an e-book special for you, yes only for you, an E-Book that I didn’t write incidentally,but I will pretend its mine, and all it can cost you is $89.00.”

I recieve emails such as this every single day, offering free product that I can sell or hand out as my own, personal, I get E-Books, income generating ideas and a lot of materials that I can re-brand, that’s not being an expert, that’s a faker.

These so called experts all have massive amounts of followers on social media sites like MySpace and Facebook and naturally Twitter, and they also fool you to part together with your money.

Well don’t be enticed by it, because I’m going to inform you the best way to fake it, and then you too could possibly be the instant social media expert, you understand, the one who can’t get a job selling real estate property so that they choose this easy money.

OK this is how one does it, On MySpace and Facebook, you discover as many individuals with similar names or interests as you and then send them friend requests, a whole lot will decline but you would be amazed at the number that really keep coming back and accept you, this way you build-up your following quickly, they never do anything whatsoever together with you but hey it builds your numbers. Next Twitter, there are numerous of programs that will highlight how to develop big follower numbers and it’s funny but it’s nearly always across the 9000 mark. That can be done the identical with Twitter when you use MySpace and Facebook, which is follow a lot of people and I’ll guarantee you with a fair number follows you back, and you also be aware of dead giveaway? glance at the follower number near the following number, that they can’t hide.

I know of one expert that actually sends out his flyers with “We have 9000 followers on twitter” so I must be good, well one thing he doesn’t inform you is he follows over 10,500. If you want to obtain serious with this particular, have a look at the Twitter accounts with large followings, 99% seem to be well known actors, celebrities or business owners, so what does that inform you.

I have always taken the tack that to develop a social media marketing following you should earn it, construct it on providing high quality information and advice and create the “Expert” tag through experience and generate your followers organically not by underhand means and faking it.

There are numerous “snake oil” sales people out there you should hold on in your wallet.

So the next time you receive a flyer or perhaps an invite, stop and do your homework first, the internet and Google are a good place to find out information about your expert. The amount of articles have they had published?, where do they hxafvz on Google?, What recommendations have they got and what companies they have worked with in designing and integrating a social media marketing strategy. As an example, I’ve just done searching on social media marketing experts, and also this person I’m telling you about doesn’t even rank on top 20 pages.

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